Monetization technologies

  • Ad-exchange
  • Data Exchange
  • Mail Routing
  • Micro-Payment
  • Audiences
  • Outsourcing

Our audience monetization Ad-Exchange makes it possible to match buyers (advertisers) and space sellers (web site owners) in a virtual market place according to price and advertising placement.

Using a powerful algorithm for identifying and allocating bids in real time, our platform prioritises displaying the advertising campaign that generates the most income and is the best targeted, thereby guaranteeing Publishers that they will get maximum income from each advertisement placed while ensuring that Advertisers enjoy optimised performances that keep to their budget objectives.

Our platform connects to RTB (Real Time Bidding) operators and interacts with all advertising partners (agencies, SSP, DSP and Trading Desks).

BIG is a User Data Exchange (UDX) that enables publishers and advertisers to trade anonymous data about web users. This gives publishers a new, completely transparent income stream. It also allows advertisers to target their advertisements better, displaying them to the right people at the right time and, in doing so, reducing the cost of acquiring customers.

BIG has developed an exclusive algorithm that makes it possible to apply the bidding principle to data and determine price on a supply and demand basis. The BIG web app is accessible on a self-service basis and open to all. Data transmission is compatible with all display ad buying platforms and leads databases. BIG is a Big Data SaaS solution that also offers the first DMP free.

The MailKitchen platform is an email routing solution (newsletter, prospection, loyalty-building, monetization e-mailing, etc.). Offered to customers on a self-service basis, it is easily used by any type of operator looking for a low-cost way to boost online income.

Thanks to high-grade performances (deliverability, user-friendliness, power, functionalities and user support), this commitment-free solution is the ideal partner for companies who wish to make profitable use of the internet and the virtuous emailing stream in their sales strategies.

With PIXOPAY, ADTHINK has a payment platform that provides an array of possibilities for optimising monetization of owner audiences. This solution offers all the payment options available on the market.

In addition, it enables processing and analysing flows with a view to ensuring continuous improvement of conversion and transformation rates and substantially boosting and safeguarding e-business performances (managing payment failures, 3DS activation, One-Click, etc.).

The Next Pulse is ADTHINK’s audience acquisition and monetization agency. It is involved in recruiting visitors (buying trafic from search engines and ad-exchanges, membership e-mailing, co-registration, etc.) and generating income from qualified audiences. The Next Pulse has a email database with several millions addresses and rolls out its business across web and mobile supports.

ADTHINK has a substantial number of owner audiences thanks to its casual gaming business. Whether generated naturally or bought through Ad-Exchange owner advertising, they are fully exploited using the combined power of the PIXOPAY payment solution (micro-payment, bank cards, etc.) and the The Next Pulse marketing agency (email magnetisation).

ADTHINK gaming business is also rolled out across Facebook, tablets and smart phones.

ADTHINK design and develops a technology dedicated to creating social networks and dating services and it distributes this technology both directly and through a network of partners.

The company publishes, a product positioned as facilitating dating through emotional affinity, and, which is dedicated to the American market and available on all web supports and in several languages.

ADTHINK has created a unique service for publishers who wish to monetize the share of their audience that is receptive to offers through the site
For advertisers, ADTHINK offers, via its specialist market place, a targeted audience that enables dating operators to achieve exceptional results.

OutsourceTHINK is a Server Management Service developed by the group Adthink, tailor-made to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.
The IT System and network department has been for the last 10 years at the very heart of high performance and high availability system architectures, designed for Advertstream’s online advertising solutions, Big Data, e-commerce and email marketing.

The experience and the know-how acquired during this many years of expertise and R&D is a guarantee of a high-end partnership for all your web projects.

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